Client Data: Privacy & Security

All clients' data is protected by the privacy policy and the technology. Prospect Visual guarantees our customers’ confidentiality and we treat all customer-generated information as proprietary. We would also be happy to work with you on any specific confidentiality agreements that your organization requires. 

Company networks, information and processes are protected by firewalls, standard active directories authentication protocols, 24/7 video surveillance in the Data Center provided by Level 3 Communications, palm authentication access system, and other security procedures. IntellectSpace leases cabinets directly from Level 3 Communication's data centers and hosts own hardware inside. Client data is physically stored on servers owed by IntellectSpace which are located inside dedicated cabinets leased from Level3 Communication. Client data is accessible only to select employees of IntellectSpace. Internal audit systems ensure and monitor that client data is used in accordance with IntellectSpace client data processing policies.

IntellectSpace will provide secure FTP access to client to upload client data. The FTP access will be open only during the period when files are being transferred and it will employ password and IP based access protection.

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